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Welcome to the Chemistry Interactive Demonstrations and Educational Resources (CIDER) web site, a lecture demonstration service, chemistry education resources and an on-line chemistry education collaborative journal provided by the chemistry education faculty University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Eugene, Oregon. CIDER supports scholarship, instruction, innovation and collaboration for the improvement of teaching and learning of chemistry.

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If you are a faculty member of another institution or a pre-college teacher, please click-on the "contributor" bar.  We need to collect some basic information to ensure you are an instructor.  Registering with this site will enable you to have access to the instructional resources (quiz questions, exams questions, Power Point presentations, critiques, etc.) not availabe on the public side of the web site.  Plan to atttend the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY USA July 2024.