For UO Faculty and for Faculty at Other Institutions

Welcome to the CIDER Faculty page.  If you are a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the Univeristy of Oregon you can request demonstrations from the UO Lecture Demonstrator.  Please do not change your password if you are affiliated with the University of Oregon.  If you arrived at this page, you should have logged in to the web site with your UO username and password.

If you are a chemistry instructor at another institution you have access to this web site because your email address was identified as being associated with an education institution.  You will find additional resources not available on the public side of the site.  You may download PowerPoint slides, download activity sheets, access URLs to computer simulations and animations, view your recent resource requests, and manage your account.  We would hope you will contribute an instructional resource to be peer reviewed.  You do not have to be a contributor to use the site.