AP Chem Teachers Kinetics


A listing of resources for AP Chemistry Teachers on the topic of Kinetics [Additional resources posted on the TG MD Google Drive for AP Chem Teachers in the Kinetics folder]

A. Tuesday November 7 2023 presentation  Prelude to Kinetics- Motion of Particles, Maxwell-Boltzman distribution, The Importance of Representing Kinetic Energy

Recording of the 11/7/2023 Zoom Session URL  [The passcode for this URL is posted on the AP Chemistry Teachers Google Drive in the Kinetics Folder]

The Power Point Slides for ths Presentation are posted on the AP Chemistry Teachers Google Drive in the Kinetics Folder

Mixing two gases at different initial temperatures
Mixing Two Gases Particle View TempvTime Initial



Kinetic Molecular Theory Simulator   Compare Helium vs Argon atoms at same temperature

Kinetic Molecular Theory Simulator

Compare He Ar atoms at same temp particle view




2D Model of Gas Particles - Maxwell Boltzman Distribution

Gas particle v speed Simjulation Distribution Graph



Influence of temperature on particle motion and thermal expansion

Temperature Increase Thermal Expansion Particle View



Hot Metal Cool Metal Contact

Hot Cold Metal Blocks Energy Exchange Particle VIew

hotcold metal contact particle view energy transfer





B. Tuesday November 14, 2023 presentation   Kinetics: Collisions and Mechanisms

URLS will be posted

Misconceptions about Gases, Particle Motion, Kinetic Energy, Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution