AP Chem Teachers Kinetics

A listing of resources for AP Chemistry Teachers on the topic of Kinetics [Additional resources posted on the TG MD Google Drive for AP Chem Teachers in the Kinetics folder]

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Reaction Rates Particle View: Influence of Concentration, Temperature AACT

This simulation provides an opportunity to investigate several factors influencing the initial rate of a chemical reaction

   A + B -> C

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Light Stick: Influence of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction

Light sticks glow with different intensities at different temperatures, illustrating how temperature influences the rate of reaction.

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Iodine Clock Reaction: Influence of Concentration on the Rate of Reaction

It is important to note that the kinetics system we are working with is designed to be a demonstration of concepts of kinetics and not a kinetics experiment.

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Lightstick Reaction: Rates versus Temperature

Three commercial glow sticks are started. One is at room temperature (23°C). One is immersed in a hot water bath (80°C).

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Lightstick Reaction Rates

Three commercial glow sticks are started. One is immersed in a boiling water bath (100°C). It glows more brightly compared to the light stick at room temperature.

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